Share your inside stories about recovery, any life after moment is a revelation, a change, a new beginning. Be encouraged to share these stories with others. You never know who you may inspire. Life after honestly…isn’t a bowl of cherries. I often use the phrase taken from the movie, “Forrest Gump, Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get.”

What is your life like after, honestly…
After childbirth
After marriage
After divorce
After career change
After loss of loved one
After illness
After drug or alcohol abuse
After all….

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You ever suffer from an illness or discomfort of some sort and this remarkable commercial comes on that says, “Tired of feeling depressed, tired of just sitting around your home working the same dead-end job?” Or how about, “The cure is here. No more aches and pains…” You get up from your slump and scoot to the edge of your seat with all the excitement you can muster, and as you exhale you hear a man mumbling gibberish incoherently about the side-effects to the drugs or activity.

The sulking continues, who wants to risk the possibility of death due to side effects of the drug, rather than the symptoms? Life is much the same. When we are born we grow.

Then we come of age, and our rebellious natures choose paths both good and bad. However as we humans plan for our goals to become a reality, rarely do we consider the fine print. The fine-prints I speak of are the many snags, trials, and tribulations that come along with this life journey. We want to be successful, we want to feel loved, and we naturally well into our adult lives would like the approval of both our peers and parents.

Sadly, life happens, things don’t always come in order, and the fine-print on labels are often overlooked. So what’s the stitch? What do we do with the life after moments that leave our mouths wide open with shock and dismay? Do we perhaps just throw in the towel and say better luck next time? Or do we stand and take our lives back, noting the mishap, and beginning anew. I don’t down the fine-print. I embrace it. It causes me to pay attention to my goals, my dreams, my peers, and even my family.

The fine-print is a simple cautionary warning. Think of it as a wet floor sign right before you enter into a public restroom. You wouldn’t just scurry in full speed, unless you happened to disregard the sign. Take a pilot for instance, there is a long list of to do’s before you are cleared to take off. You read, you study, you train, and then you soar.

This is what my life after honestly means. It is about all those leaps of faith we take, and those experience we encounter along the way. We are not always informed of the possible set-backs we may or may not endure. But this is the sole purpose of this memoir I share my quirky short stories about my illness, my recovery, loss of sensibility and my fight to achieve what many said I couldn’t. After all 10 years ago doctors called my time of death 11/22/02 at 2:30am. What can I say there was a change in plans, God’s plan. I am living proof. There is a life after. “Clear we have a pulse…” 

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